Digital Transformation Award


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If you or your department has been directly responsible for managing and delivering a world-class transformation strategy by moving to a more digital solution over the past two years, then this is the award for you.

The judges would like to know the business needs that prompted this transformation, what the strategy entails, evidence of its success, and the benefit it has brought to your operations.

Entry is by a 5-page A4 submission; the judges will be looking for freshness of content and clear information and evidence of delivery on core objectives, paying attention to the criteria listed below.

  • Organisation Background: Please outline the size and nature of your organisation.
  • Strategy Overview: Detail how the digital transformation strategy was developed, the business needs that prompted it, key team members involved, as well as its core objectives. Demonstrate how the strategy links to your business objectives and provide evidence of board level commitment.
  • Implementation: Provide an overview of how the digital transformation strategy was implemented highlighting key milestones, timelines, technologies or solutions adopted, as well as any innovative approaches used during implementation.
  • Key Challenges: Outline any challenges faced and how your team overcame them.
  • Outcomes & Results: Highlight the measurable outcomes of your digital transformation strategy and provide evidence of how you measured its success. Demonstrate how the strategy has benefited the organisation and its employees, e.g., through improvements in efficiency, cost savings, or any other relevant metrics.
  • Opportunities for Replication: Are there opportunities for replication and will it have an impact beyond your company or sector.